Something to which I aspire in my writing

From Martin Scorsese: I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain.:

For me, for the filmmakers I came to love and respect, for my friends who started making movies around the same time that I did, cinema was about revelation — aesthetic, emotional and spiritual revelation. It was about characters — the complexity of people and their contradictory and sometimes paradoxical natures, the way they can hurt one another and love one another and suddenly come face to face with themselves.

I aspire to this in my writing.

Today’s rant: settings

Believe it or not, there are places in the world, and even places in the US, other than Manhattan, Fire Island, and San Francisco. Even more amazingly, writers don’t accurately understand such places just from pop-cultural osmosis; if they can’t write from experience, they need to do research.

If I ever write science fiction

If I ever write science fiction, I will most likely go to one of two extremes. One will be science fiction hard enough to scratch diamonds. The other will be satire in the form of over-the-top space opera, complete with spaceships such as the Norma, the Tosca, and the ultrasuperduperdreadnought Turandot. The society will be made possible by a mysterious substance called unobtainium tetrabullshitide, whose vibrations can cancel out any inconvenient laws of physics, economics, or human nature. Among the powers of unobtainium tetrabullshitide is the ability to replicate anything but itself, thanks to the Fifth Rule of Lazy Writing Interplanetary Chemistry.