If I ever write science fiction

If I ever write science fiction, I will most likely go to one of two extremes. One will be science fiction hard enough to scratch diamonds. The other will be satire in the form of over-the-top space opera, complete with spaceships such as the Norma, the Tosca, and the ultrasuperduperdreadnought Turandot. The society will be made possible by a mysterious substance called unobtainium tetrabullshitide, whose vibrations can cancel out any inconvenient laws of physics, economics, or human nature. Among the powers of unobtainium tetrabullshitide is the ability to replicate anything but itself, thanks to the Fifth Rule of Lazy Writing Interplanetary Chemistry.

1 thought on “If I ever write science fiction”

  1. Science fiction, properly written, is a way of presenting the future as the author visualises it. It’s not all space opera. In fact, the best scifi is often set on Earth and examines the possible effects of current science extended into the future; it’s prophetic, as in 1984 and Brave New World. But I love your idea of the satirisation of space opera: go for it!


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