Idea for next book

I had an idea for a novel in which one of the main characters engages in wishful projection onto his love interest. This is set in a near-future society in which sexbots are common, coloring some people’s perception of romantic relationships. The love interest complains that he has his own personality and is not a sexbot that can download personality apps to suit its owner.

I started thinking about other aspects. A coalition of Independent Fundamental Baptists Against Everything and Radical Feminist Separatists Against Everything (don’t worry; I plan to come up with more realistic names) demands that government regulate the sexbots. The federal government obliges, insisting on a back door to SexBotOS that allows spying and even getting rid of political opponents. This is how the conflict in the main plot arises.

The sexbots also have a process like Siri or Alexa, which allows for comic relief. When a character talks about capitalizing on technological progress, a sexbot in the room assumes that it is being asked about the capital of Tennessee and starts talking about Nashville before being told to shut up.

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