These Words Are True and Faithful: Back-cover blurb

Sam Overton is a young lawyer with a brilliant future at one of the city’s leading law firms. After he and older police officer Ernie Butler have chance meetings at the courthouse complex and then at a leather bar, the two become lovers, and Ernie, who is experienced in the local gay leather scene as a Dominant, guides Sam in exploring his submissive nature. They become inseparable and appear set to live happily and kinkily ever after, until a seemingly innocent event upends everything that they think they know about each other, the nature of their relationship, and themselves.

Written by a gay man who has lived the life, this book explores the psychology of Dominant/submissive relationships between men. At times sexy, snarky, and philosophical, it also explores the questions of how we know what we know, why we believe what we believe, and what happens when our most cherished beliefs turn out to be neither true nor faithful. Along the way, it examines the absurdities of contemporary gay life, not sparing the sacred cows.

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